Sunday, April 1, 2018

Be Careful, Obesity Can Be Contagious. How can?

Do you believe that obesity has become a 'contagious disease'? If you do not believe it, consider your surroundings. Have you ever seen a fat child, as well as parents, brother and sister? Yes, the statement that obesity is a contagious disease is proven. It is one of the proofs. Want more proof? Consider the following explanation.

Research: obesity is also included as a contagious disease

Unwittingly, the population of obese people is increasing every year. Although everyone knows that obesity can be at the root of various health problems, but still more and more people are obese.

Fat people can transmit obesity, even in the family or in social life. Do not believe? This has been proven in several studies. As the study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that obesity is the result of intercourse. This study successfully shows how association can cause more and more obese people.

While the study reported in the American Journal of Sociology, states when obesity is also contagious in the family. This time not because of genetic, but the habit that makes obesity hereditary, contagious from one generation to another.

How can obesity be contagious?

Actually, contagious diseases are only caused by the presence of bacterial and viral infections. Unlike infectious diseases that are transmitted through air, water, or physical contact with the patient. You do not have to stay away from fat people, but the problem here is the pattern of life and habits that you should not imitate.

Yes, obesity is called 'contagious disease' because nowadays people are very easy to be fat, weight gain, and worst of all they do not really care about it.

Adopting bad habits from the surrounding environment, such as friends and family is a means of transmission of obesity. Consider how often do you agree or approve your friend's invitation to hang out while snacking on a place to eat, even though you've eaten big before? Or is your family accustomed to eating in front of the TV? And you're not used to eating vegetables and fruits routinely because of such family habits?

If all the answers yes, then you are the target of further transmission. If you do not also change the habit and always follow the bad things of your surroundings, then weigh in a few days or weeks later. Your weight will definitely increase and if calculated body mass index, you are included in the category of overweight.

How to avoid 'fatness'?

If you do not want to catch the condition and do not want to take risks for chronic diseases that occur due to obesity, you must stay away from these bad habits. Some of the main points of a healthy lifestyle you have to live are:

  • Eat nutritious foods as needed. Do not ignore the portion and regular eating hours, it can both help you avoid obesity.
  • Expand your fiber intake from vegetables and fruits.
  • Regular exercise. This is the absolute thing you must do to maintain your ideal body weight.
  • Get enough rest and avoid bad habits like staying up all night
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.
  • Consistent with what it does. Yes, it is very difficult indeed to maintain weight if not based on strong intentions. Therefore, you should be able to 'resist temptation' from the outside and stay focused with what has become your goal.

If you are accustomed to live a healthy lifestyle, then you will increasingly avoid transmission of obesity. In fact, you can also transmit your healthy lifestyle in the family environment and around. But you have to change your own lifestyle and pattern first, then can invite others to follow you.

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