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6 Things That Happen To The Body When Performing Ketogenic Diets

When we increase the consumption of fat and reduce carbohydrates in the diet, there are some changes that will occur in the body.

Ketogenic diets or keto diets have been very popular recently. A diet that increases the consumption of fat and reduces carbohydrates is considered effective for weight loss. After all, who does not like to be told to eat steak and various types of processed meat?But to understand how ketogenic diets work, you have to understand ketosis, the process by which the body lacks glucose for fuel-because it does not eat carbohydrates-and has to look for other fats-fats.Usually, you get fuel that your body can directly use in the form of glucose derived from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates themselves can be found in rice and bread, also on flour, seeds, vegetables, peas, dairy products, and fruits."When carbohydrates are available, the body will naturally use them for energy burning instead of using stored body fat, but when we remove carbohydrates from our diet, our bodies start breaking down the fat and converting it into ketones for more efficient fuel but generally less exploited, "explains Pamela Nisevich Bede MS, RD, CSSD, LD.

Pamela added, ketones are substances produced by the liver when the body breaks down fat for energy, which is then released into the blood. Your body cells use ketones to support daily activities.

When the ketone in the blood increases, and the body changes the fuel source of the ketone, there will be tremendous changes. What are the changes? Here are 6 things that will be experienced by the body when undergoing keto diet.

1. Insulin Level Down

Usually, after you eat rice or foods that contain glucose, insulin levels will rise. But when you're in ketosis, insulin levels will go down, says Steve Hertzler, PhD, RD principal scientific researcher at EAS Sports Nutrition.

"With lower insulin levels, it is believed fatty acids more easily released from body tissues, to be used for fuel," he explained.

Because the body uses fat as the primary energy source and not the carbohydrate, the body will burn more fat, which means you can really lose a few pounds quickly.

2. Reduced Hunger Sense

Because you increase protein consumption, your stomach will feel full longer. But beyond that, ketogenic diet can also play a role in suppressing appetite, says Hertzler.

"One theory is that your body responds to a ketogen diet like a fasting state.The body adapts to burning fat as fuel, releasing ketones into the blood," he explained. "This will make the hunger signal in the brain less."

3. You Start Feeling Sick

Keto may have some unfortunate side effects, one of which is known as "Keto Flu" or symptoms experienced as a transition from carbohydrate to fat consumption. Possible side effects include headache, nausea, muscle cramps and fatigue. 

4. Breath So Smell

You may need to bring some mint candy to scent your mouth. "Some people may have a change in breath odor at a ketogenic diet," Hertzler said. Why consume candy? "One of the ketones produced in the liver is acetone and it has a distinctive odor," says Hertzler. 

5. Difficult to defecate

Due to not getting enough fiber and other nutrients, you may experience some digestive discomfort during keto diet. "Keto diet participants often experience constipation as a common symptom, due to lower fiber intake," Hertzler said. Try adding a low carbohydrate fiber supplement to ease the symptoms. 

6. The Body May Be Slow Down

If you're an athlete, performance may be a little sluggish at the initial transition stage. While adjusting to the new kind of food, the body may feel a little tired.

Actually, as your body gets used to ketosis, your performance may increase. "Many athletes find that they can exercise intensely better after adjusting to keto diet," he said.

Even so, the point that should be underlined is that the effect of this diet is not the same for everyone. When you and your body feel fit, then this way can be forwarded. But if not, you can try another type of diet (such as The 2 Week Diet).

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