Saturday, March 24, 2018

Five Tips on Eating Habits to Lose Weight

Eating food while watching tv feels good. Unfortunately, the habit should be avoided, especially if you do not want to have excess weight.

Quoted from Men's Health, recent studies reveal mindful eating or eating with full awareness aka focus on eating activity itself, can contribute a large weight loss.

Mindful eating is even called better than those on a diet. Because when they stop dieting, the weight will increase again.

Some common mindful eating practices are known such as eating without doing anything else, considering where the food comes from, and eating when hungry and stopping when full.

In addition to mindful eating, researcher Carolyn Dunn also provides advice for those who want to reduce and maintain weight in an ideal state.

The first suggestion is to fill the dinner plate with vegetable protein such as beans. Considered precisely because such vegetable protein can make the stomach feel fuller, thus preventing overeating.

Second, try to eat for 20 minutes. The goal is to make you enjoy more meal time so it can chew food more smooth and give the body a chance to receive full signal. In addition, eating will feel good because it really felt.

The third suggestion is to ask yourself first if making food as an outlet for stress. Actually it is a common thing, but it is advisable to do some things first such as yoga or breathing to be more controlled when eating.

Another suggestion is if you want to eat, make sure mengasup preferred snack. Why? Because then you will enjoy.

And try to enjoy it in the first bite. That way, no need to spend the whole snack, because generally the pleasure is on the first bite.

Lastly, do not eat while working, reading or watching TV. Because when eating coupled with other activities, we will not focus and it makes eating uncontrollable.

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