Friday, March 23, 2018

Want a slim body but lazy to diet? Do it this way!

Most people are lazy to diet because the process is so difficult and takes a long time to get the desired results.

In the era of instant paced as it is today, the sale of unhealthy instant foods is increasing. Many people choose to eat fast food rather than healthy food, not only because of its instant presentation, but also because the price is quite cheap and it feels no less delicious with healthy food. So, no wonder, today more and more people, experiencing weight problems are not ideal.

For them, especially women who experience weight problems that are not ideal, this is a disaster. Because this can make them unconfident. Surely everyone wants a proportional body, slim and has no fat everywhere. However, not everyone who has a weight that is not ideal always managed to lose weight. Most people are lazy to diet because the process is so difficult and takes a long time to get the desired results. If you are one of those people who are lazy diet, but want to get a slim and proportional body, try to do the following way.

Do not miss breakfast

If anyone tells you that if you want to be skinny avoid eating in the morning, that's wrong. In fact, if you want to be thin without trying hard to diet, you have to have breakfast. Like a vehicle that needs fuel to get power, our body also needs fuel, that is food. If your eating hours are not regular, especially if you skip breakfast, chances are you will feel more hungry in the daytime, and eventually you will overeat and lose your weight.

Drink water before meals

Water is not only good for the health of our body but also can help keep our weight. By drinking water before meals is an effective way that can make you not eat much because the water also gives a satiety factor. If you are satisfied before eating your food to run out, the calories that enter your body is not much, so the weight can remain stable or even can decrease.

Do not eat after 7 pm

Many people are on a diet, always avoid dinner. And not always with dinner can make your body more fat. Dinner is okay, however, you also need to choose a healthy dinner menu as well. For example, avoid calories, and be replaced with protein or fruit consumption. And try not to consume any food after 7 pm.

Eat on small plates

Eating on large plates always entices us to spend the food. To avoid you eating large quantities, you should choose to eat on a small plate. This will help you reduce your food portion indirectly. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should apply this every day.

Eat fruit before meat

Many people assume, eating fruit is very well done after a meal, but it is not like that. Precisely eating fruit before eating is much better, because by eating fruits when the stomach is empty, it is very useful to detoxify the body's system so it makes you eat less. Get used to eating fruit at least 15-30 minutes before you consume heavy food.

Chew your food properly

If you do not want all the calories from the food you consume in your body, then chew your food properly. Because by chewing the food for a long time it can facilitate digestion better so this will limit the size of your portion indirectly. Therefore, you should chew the food 30 to 50 times per mouthful.

Diligent walking

The last way if you are lazy diet but want to burn your calories is to diligently walk. By diligently walking your feet slowly can reduce the fat in your body and your body will feel healthier. Walk anywhere, for example at home, office, around the house, park, mall, market and so on.

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