Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How To Easily Overcome Obesity Naturally

Being overweight or overweight is almost never finished. Problems always arise for people who have issues with obesity such as difficulty to choose the right clothes, lack of confidence to the problem of diseases. Obesity has more influence on women who are obese will be difficult to make their appearance to be beautiful, finally the sense of lack of confidence is haunting. Most women who have problems with obesity will tend to be emotional and easily offended especially when in touch on their appearance.
In the world of health, obesity has an unfavorable effect on the health of the body. Many diseases that lurk people who have excess weight. Vulnerable diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, to problems with monthly cycles or menstruation. The cause of obesity there are also various kinds and sometimes the habit is also can be a trigger of obesity. To know more about the causes of obesity, here are some lists of causes of obesity that can be seen so that later can find an easy way to overcome obesity later.

Causes of Obesity

Thyroid Disadvantages

Lack of thyroid levels will make the fat in the body is very difficult to melt or burned so that fat accumulation continues to occur. Thyroid deficiency in the body also affects the increased appetite especially in foods that contain high fat. This event is more often experienced by women which resulted in the slow movement of metabolism in the body.

Lack of Essential Fatty Acids

Women do tend to have problems with obesity. Especially if the body has a lack of good fats such as essential fatty acids that produce hormones that treat and maintain metabolism in the body. 

At Menopause Period

Menopause, or period no longer menstruating in women, usually reduce the production of hormones that are owned. In some women who have menopause, their appetite increases. This is what will affect the body weight.

Experiencing Cortisol Disorders

Increased production of cortisol hormone results in increased fat accumulation in the body, especially on the abdomen, face, or shoulders. 

Using Contraceptives

Women who take contraceptive drugs or birth control pills tend to be overweight on their bodies. This is due to hormonal changes and also increases hormones so that an effect on the increased appetite. 

Unbalanced Blood Sugar

Increased and uncontrolled appetite results in unbalanced blood sugar. This results in weight gain. Increased levels of insulin in the blood makes a person become often hungry and always eager to eat. 

Whether Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding usually experience significant weight gain. This is because women always receive food to meet the nutritional intake for women themselves and also the needs of the fetus in the womb. 

Obesity does not always make a person feel comfortable. Therefore, there are various ways to restore posture such as before obesity, except women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding do not need special care because the weight will drop by itself when the feeding process later. However, for other cases of obesity is required treatment for weight can return to normal. No need to use extreme ways to reduce fat in the body, because there are easy ways to overcome the obesity of origin performed routinely and painstakingly.

How To Overcome Overweight


With regular exercise, obesity can be overcome. One exercise that can be done easily and also cheap is to jog every day for 15 minutes. In addition to weight loss due to obesity, jogging can also make the body becomes more healthy and fresh every day.  

Fiber Consumption

Easy way to overcome obesity is to eat fibrous foods every day it will make sense of satiety longer so that indirectly will reduce the appetite and more controlled. In addition, fibrous foods can also reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Fiber foods also have low calorie so it is suitable for food programs in losing weight. 

Protein Consumption

Foods with high protein content will make the feeling of satiety longer so that the appetite can be reduced and obesity can be reduced by reducing the portion of high-calorie foods. 

Reduce Snacking at Night

The habit of snacking at night before bed is not good because it affects the weight gain. Therefore, reduce snacking at night can reduce weight and obesity. If you want to snack, choose foods that are low in calories and fat like fruits. 

Drinking Water

Water is neutral and it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. With a lot of drinking, it will reduce the desire to eat-foods that are heavy and with high calories. 

Eat regularly

Eating regularly three times a day with the right portion and full of nutrients will balance every intake received and certainly not excessive. By eating regularly can also reduce obesity because the food is consumed enough fiber and other nutrients. 

Please try one of the tips to overcome obesity easily above optimally, then hopefully the result will be maximal. 

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