Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Do these 10 things every day to quickly slim

It takes months, maybe even a year, for us to accumulate excess calories so that the weights of the scales continue to grow. Therefore, do not expect weight will fall quickly overnight.

Did you know that the small and healthy habits that are done every day means a great deal to bring us closer to the goal.

Find the 10 things we should do every day if we want to have a slim body.

1. Breakfast

Never miss breakfast time and choose a menu that contains protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Habit does not breakfast will make the body's metabolism so slow. As a result, fewer calories are burned. Other effects we will eat more and tend to choose junk food at lunch.

2. Befriended with vegetables

Vegetables have a lower caloric content and high fiber, so that the stomach feels full longer.

3. Actively move

Make a commitment to stay active every day. You can plan cardio and weight training in 5 days, and interspersed with flexibility exercises like yoga or walking.

4. Snack protein and fiber

The body needs a snack between meals. Choose a snack that is high in protein and fiber so we eat enough in small portions but full.


5. Limit sugar

Limiting sugar intake is an effective way to reduce excess calories. Gradually, reduce the sugar from the drinks.

6. Drink water

Whenever you feel thirsty, choose water instead of soft drinks or fruit juice. Simply drinking water will make us more energized, healthy gastrointestinal tract, and prevent constipation.

7. Sleep 7 hours

Enough sleep will help increase the hormone leptin that regulates satiety, and lower the hormone ghrelin that stimulates hunger. Research shows people who sleep less eat 300 calories more.

8. Set the calories

Setting the calorie portion is an important part in the weight loss program. Even healthy foods can make weight increases because of excessive consumption. Make a meal plan every day, should keep eating three times a day. Reduce the portion, but still contains the necessary nutrients.


9. Consumption of milk

Do not be hostile to milk. Research shows women who consume milk and derivative products was able to drive more fat from the body.

10. Make peace with yourself

In many cases, we are encouraged to eat or eat emotionally. The root of the problem is the stress or problem left unfinished. Try to evaluate the psychological condition and find the problem. Talking with friends or doing meditation is effective enough to relieve anxiety and unhappiness. 

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