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Types of Obesity and 8 Ways to Minimize the Body Naturally

Diminishing the fat of the body is a common thing done by people who feel their body is overweight.

Diminishing the fat of the body can also be done by athletes or athletes who will follow competitions or championships that are divided based on the weight classification.

At that stage, the athlete must ensure his weight goes into the class he is targeting.

While some others try to get on the body for health reasons, for example because of excess cholesterol that may cause difficulty breathing and fainting.

There are so many reasons for people to diminish the fat of the body, so there are many ways to diminish the fat of the body, whether by nature, by using chemical drugs, or even by surgery.

All of course requires commitment, funding, and time varying between each other.

But before we learn how to diminish the fat of the body with healthy and natural, it helps us learn first cause of obesity and types of obesity so you do not take the wrong way to diminish the fat of the body properly and in accordance with your case.

Appearance is very important for almost everyone, although many say that "appearance does not matter, that is important personality".

Wait! Make no mistake, we unknowingly pay attention to the outward appearance of someone before we determine the first impression we capture from that person.

People with good posture, ideal weight, looks active, and cleaner course more interesting than people who look lethargic, shabby, and looks dirty.

Well the importance of this performance leads us to one problem related to appearance that is obesity.

As mentioned above, obesity is of a kind, and according to its kind we can categorize where a natural dietary step is healthy and can be applied to certain types of obesity.

It is increasingly influential on the end result that you are going to get the ideal body shape and healthy. What are some types of obesity?

Type of obesity divided based on the spread of fat there are two kinds of android type and ginoid type.

Overweight android type

Overweight android type is usually seen in people with body with apple posture, where obesity is found in the upper part of the body such as chest, shoulders, arms, neck and face.

This type of obesity makes your body look small compared to the upper body.

According to the study, this type of obesity appears in many elderly or in men and women who have entered the menopause.

Because of fat deposits in the upper part of the body, causing people with obesity android type is more susceptible to diseases associated with glucose metabolism such as cholesterol, diabetes, heart, stroke, high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage.

Looks spooky indeed, not to mention in women, this type of android obesity causes women have 6 times greater risk for breast cancer compared with people with normal posture, or not fat.

Although the risk of chronic illness is quite large, but people with this type of obesity is easier to restore the body shape, or
diminish the fat of the body with the help of proper diet and exercise.

Type of diet we will discuss next.

Overweight ginoid type

Obesity ginoid type is arguably the opposite of obesity android type.

If obesity android type store excess fat on the upper body, then this type of ginoid obesity store fat on the lower body such as stomach, the waist, hips, and buttocks.

Overweight ginoid type is attacking those who have a pear body shape.

In general, ginoid type obesity is usually not susceptible to chronic diseases such as obesity ginoid type, but on the other hand, ginoid type obesity is very difficult to lose weight.

This is due to the difficulty of having metabolism in the lower body.

Not just fatness caused by the spread of fat alone, there is also obesity caused by the condition and size of fat cells.

Perhaps many have never heard of this.
This type of obesity is divided into 3 types of obesity, namely: Overweight hyperlastic type, Overweight hypertrophic type, and Overweight hyperlastic-hypertrophic type. Let's discuss these types of obesity.

Overweight hyperlastic type

Overweight with hyperlastic type is usually caused by the amount of fat cells that exist in your body more than the ideal condition of the ideal body.

Size cells together with each other just a lot of numbers. This situation usually attacks in childhood and quite difficult to lose weight. Even if it can, then its temporary.

Overweight hypertrophic type

Overweight hypertrophic type is obesity caused due to fat cell size.

The amount may correspond to the number of fat cells present in normal body size but this cell size is larger than other fat cells that cause obesity.

This type of overweight occurs in adults and is quite easily lowered by doing a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

But the type of hypertrophic obesity if left unchecked will be susceptible to high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Overweight hyperlastic-hypertrophic type

This obesity is also commonly known as mixed type of obesity. Obesity that goes from childhood to adulthood.

This type of obesity is not only due to cell size but also cell number.

Certainly more difficult to diminish the fat of the body if already exposed to this type of obesity, and the risk of disease is known to be greater.

Great commitment and time dedication should be done if you want to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle, natural diet, and also regular exercise.

Other types of obesity that we must understand before starting to discuss about a healthy diet is the type of obesity is divided according to the age of a person.

There are three types of obesity in this type of obesity in infancy, obesity in childhood, and obesity in adulthood. All related to the lifestyle that you will certainly agree on the causes. Here's the review.

Overweight in infancy

Obesity that arises in infancy is largely due to parents' ignorance about a good nutritional intake for infants and the assumption that every time a baby cries must mean hunger.

While pediatricians state that the reason babies cry can be various kinds other than for hunger reasons.

Could be a baby crying because there are parts of his body that is sick, the temperature of the air is too hot or too cold, or because the bed wet and clothes wet.

There are so many reasons for crying babies, so parents can not immediately assume that babies who cry because of hunger.

In the first 6 months of age the baby is a period of rapid growth but also become the baby's body armored the most fat.

One third of babies who, when they are overweight, are overweight as adults. So it is important for parents to pay attention to the intake of nutrients, levels of intake, and infant behavior.

Overweight in childhood

Obesity in childhood is closely related to the pattern of life taught by their parents.

If children are accustomed to eating unhealthy foods, snacking haphazardly, or allowed to buy fast food snacks, then obesity will be very easy to happen.

Besides the habit of letting children play inside the house with computers and gadgets is also dangerous. Children get used to not doing activities that burn calories.

Make a child always ride a vehicle wherever you go also not always good. Walking, exercising, and playing outdoors with friends will be very good for children to avoid obesity.

Obesity in adulthood

In adulthood the cause of obesity is more due to the time spent much to work.

Most people get jobs that require them to be indoors from morning to evening. After that not much activity done at home after activity.

The body becomes fitter and blood flow less smooth and burning calories is not maximal.

Coupled with activities such as business lunches and dinners, parties that are usually attended for business purposes are certainly difficult to abandon.

The most appropriate way is to do small exercise every day before the activity or before bedtime and allocate time once a week to exercise so that the body is always in shape.

After understanding the types of obesity and its causes, now know which type of obesity best demonstrates the traits you experience?

This type of obesity can also be a mixture of some types of obesity that have been written above.

So do not be afraid to recognize your obesity as long as you commit to reducing this obesity by changing your lifestyle.

Well now we will discuss how to diminish the fat of the body naturally, there are some important steps and easy to do to diminish the fat of your body especially certain parts such as stomach, thighs, and arms that store fat most. 

Doing a Healthy Diet

Of the various types of diets that we know, whether the diet you do is right with your needs?

Diet is done not just by reducing the process of eating or not eating at all.

Not only is it harmful to the health of the body, but an extreme diet and no guidance given by a nutritionist according to your needs can result in very fatal anorexia and bulimia.

Both of these are not only caused by an unhealthy diet but also a great desire for thinness that does not fit reality.

If you target to lose 1-2 kg per month it still makes sense, but if you target 5 kg per month, this is very dangerous. Normally within a week the maximum body loses no more than 1% of total body weight.

If more than that will already show symptoms of anorexia abnormalities.

If followed by food-throwing behavior and avoid eating hours, or spewing freshly eaten food then there is an indication of bulimia.

A healthy diet should start with a healthy mind and a realistic target to achieve so as not to feel angry or upset if it fails to reach the target and end up on an unhealthy diet.

If already exposed to eating disorders anorexia and bulimia this other bad possibilities follow.

Did you know that anorexia is the biggest cause of suicide associated with eating and mental disorders, especially in adolescents and women. Do the diet gradually and regularly.

Fruit and Water

Eating fruits and water is helpful in how to diminish the fat of the body and stomach. What to do with the stomach?   

Surely we all, both men and women, have experienced a distended stomach problem.

Well fruits that are rich in fiber and vitamins and water that serves to digestion will be a very good mix for anyone who wants to digestion smoothly and avoid the pile of dirt in the colon that makes your stomach look bloated.

No need to worry about not having time. If you are not careful to cut the fruit and take it to work, then take time in the morning and evening to make home-based juice with the fruits and vegetables you have at home and drink those fruit and vegetable juices.

This is the simplest way. But if you can take the time to prepare lunch, bring one or two apples or other fruits that you can eat during your free time instead of snacking.

Because of this seemingly small snacking, but it could be the calories contained higher than you think.

Sports and Rest

The accumulation of fat in the body parts is usually caused by the lack of our activity due to the lack of activity and unburned calories into fat and increase your obesity.

Doing sports can be done with simple things like light jogging, swimming, or gymnastics in the morning.

If you have enough free time can use the time to go to the gym to do extensive activities with the help of a gym guide.

Trainers at the gym usually provide suggestions for what type of exercise you can do to achieve your target body weight.

In addition to exercise, do not forget also to get enough rest and sleep at night. If you lack of sleep at night will result in the body lethargic and not fresh in the morning or afternoon.

Reduce your productivity and lower your immune system because your body is not getting enough rest.


Eating pepper is believed to help burn fat in our body while we are asleep.

Usually after we eat food that is hot at night, in the morning we will rush to the bathroom to defecate.

Well the portion of pepper that is medium, (not too little or too much) it can be very useful for your colon to burn fat and condense the stool so easy to remove in the morning.

Steps to d
iminish the fat of the body does not come with a blade surgery.

Many people choose this path because the process is fast, but the results are not optimal and does not guarantee you stay in shape of the body.

The most appropriate thing to do is to start step by step with a healthy lifestyle, intake of food is maintained and also regular exercise.


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