Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Change the Diet and Successfully Lower the 30 Kg Weight

Depression and embarrassment have a body fat with 159 cm height and 86 kg weight, Jessica had 'wobbly' and inconsistent apply the diet. Weight had also dropped and rose again repeatedly.

But with the intention to have a more proportionally strong body, she also never give up and keep trying to apply a healthy diet. Her weight was now down to 56 kg. Curious about Jessica's dietary story? Here's the story ...

From small I always have problems with weight. From the beginning of depression and embarrassment to accept the state of self, until finally ignore the body continues to swell. All that changed when the end of 2014 I experienced an incident that made me realize that my situation is not true and I do not look attractive with excessive weight.

I started to intend to lose weight by the end of September 2014, when I weighed 86 kg. I started eating healthy and exercising in the gym a week 6 times. Session with personal trainer 3 times a week and practice alone 3 times.

In the morning I drink a fruit smoothie and milk protein, daytime eating roasted fish, green vegetables, and potatoes for carbohydrate sources. The night after from the gym I eat fruit or milk protein. On weekends, I keep trying to choose healthy food when I'm out. This went on for two months.

In early December 2014 I had to go back to Indonesia and postpone taking gym membership, but I still keep a healthy diet. I managed to get off the weight of 86 kg to 71 kg exactly on January 1, 2015. After that my weight is stable at 70-74 kg, I am free to eat anything during the day and not dinner.Feeling I have not reached the target I want, I then start browsing again how to diet effectively. In mid-February I started a lemon detox diet popularized by Beyonce for 14 days. Through this program for 14 days I managed to go down to 64 kg although then rose again to the figure 68 kg after I returned to eat normally.

At the end of February 2015 I took private TRX classes 5 times a week, helped by a healthy diet that I guarded and replaced my drinking water with lemon infused water. I still allow myself to eat anything on cheat day, which is Saturday and Sunday. In mid-May 2015 I managed to achieve weight 56 ​​kg.Since then, feeling complacent I ate a mess and no longer practice TRX until at the beginning of January 2016 I feel uncomfortable with my weight back to touch the figure of 64 kg. I went back to maintain a healthy diet as before and apply cheat day only on Saturday and Sunday. Although it has not been back TRX training again due to time constraints, but at least I managed to restore my weight at 56 kg in early February 2016.

Changing diet and exercise really gives me a permanent result, because although I went back to eating a mess for more than 6 months, out of a total of 30 kg that I managed to prune, only about 8 kg returned to my body. While running a lemon detox diet, although in 14 days my weight dropped about 10 kg, but again rose 4 kg again in less than a week.

For friends who are undergoing weight loss programs, I recommend that you avoid 'crash dieting' because the results obtained are usually not permanent and can even return in larger quantities when you stop running the diet.

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